Auditions for Fall 2014

Royal Fables

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Three-time New York Innovative Theatre Award-winning Libra Theater Company, in association with The TRUF, is pleased to announce auditions for the world premiere of Royal Fables, a new musical that explores the lives of classic and not-so classic fairy tale princesses.

For centuries, children and adults have flocked to the stories of fairy tale princesses like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Scheherazade, taking hope from their seemingly perfect happy endings. But beneath the surface of these sweet and charming (and sometimes dark and twisted) tales, there’s an inner truth to each of these princesses. A burning desire or haunting secret that we seem to overlook. Now the mask comes off, and each of these princesses steps forward, revealing what the storybooks missed.

Music and Lyrics: Nick Luckenbaugh
Direction/Choreography: Megan Mekjian
Music Direction: Jeremy M. Franze

Rehearsal Start Date: September 24, 2014
Open: October 30th
Performances: Tuesday-Sunday @ 8pm
October 30th - November 15th at
THE GALLERY at THE ACCESS THEATER (380 Broadway at White Street)


SCHEHERAZADE – A scared princess who looks to the heroines in stories to find strength in herself.
RAPUNZEL – A young maiden trapped high in a tower with a perfect view.
THE LITTLE MERMAID – A princess with a lust for man and a siren’s song.
PEA PRINCESS – A sensitive woman with an equally sensitive heart.
CINDERELLA – A maiden with a pent up need to dance and break free of conformity.
THE TWELFTH DANCING PRINCESS – A dancer with dark desires. Cast.
SNOW WHITE – A young princess who’s tried for too long to find the good in the world to no avail.
THE MILLER’S DAUGHTER – A mother with a protective song.
SLEEPING BEAUTY – A jilted lover who was promised the world but had a better life in her dreams.
BEAUTY – A good-hearted maiden who trusted too much in the happy endings promised her in stories. Cast.
ROSE-RED – A young woman who can’t seem to find love for herself no matter how much she wants it.
THUMBELINA – A tiny maiden dancing from one man to the next but never seeming to find her perfect mate.
THE PRINCESS WHO WANTED TO SOLVE RIDDLES – A dark woman with a past that drives her to murder.
THE TRAVELING PRINCESS – A woman traveling the globe to win back her true love.
PRINCES – The four men who partner with these princesses, be they lovers, victims, captors, or dreams.

WOMEN: To secure an audition appointment, please submit a headshot, resume, and a link to an audio or video performance of a folk, jazz/blues, rock, or country song. Must be able to move. Dancers and strong movers highly encouraged.

MEN: Please submit headshot and resume & highlight your level of dance ability. Dancers or strong movers encouraged. Partnering a plus.

Actors of any ethnicity or background are encouraged to submit. NON-EQUITY ONLY.

SUBMIT to Auditions will be held in midtown Manhattan between 6-10pm on Friday, September 19th and 12-4pm on Friday, September 20. Please include your availability for either of those days to audition.